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Mallard Lake

GRF Angling update January 2021

We are in the middle of a fishery management project which will see more consistent catches and improvement of the sport on all three fisheries.
We have had a major tidy up of the banks and around the islands in Mallard Lake, trimmed up the lily beds and we are in the process of removing some of the excess silver fish.
This will allow the Tench and Carp to thrive and be caught on a more regular basis.
Heron Pool is also undergoing a bankside tidy up and work will start on swim maintenance in the near future.
Kingfisher Pond is now a part of the EA scheme to reintroduce genuine Crucian Carp to the fishing landscape. We have removed all other Carp from this lake and stocked Crucians, Tench and Rudd to create a lovely float fishery, just like 'Mr Crabtree' used to fish.

About The Lake

This lake was the first to be created on the site in 1990, transforming a potato field into the lovely complex we have today.
Mallard Lake is a 2 acre mature water with depths from 2 feet to 12 feet and is home to some great fish.
All the fish are English and have grown to their sizes in this lake with no artificial help, just a good strong strain of fish and plenty of natural food.
The lake is surrounded by trees and bushes with three islands to add that special feature.
This picturesque lake has many features from a good variation in depth, to weed and lily beds, overhanging trees and bushes, along with a varied array of wildlife.

With homegrown Common and Mirror Carp in excess of 20lb, Tench to over 4lb, and Wels Catfish to over 50lb this is certainly a lake to test any competent angler.
More recently, the majority of Carp caught are 8lb to 15lb; older, larger, wiser fish seem to be able to avoid capture. Can you sneak one out and get it to the landing net?
Limited season permits are available. To get on the waiting list you will undergo a detailed reference process.

The Fish

In the image slideshow to the right you can see some of the residents of this fabulous fishery.

Mallard Lake Prices

Fishing Daily Charges for all 3 lakes

Only season permit holders and residents can fish these lakes
The only way to fish for these beautiful fish is to holiday on our site, either in a touring caravan or a lodge.

  • Day Permit (Dawn to Dusk only)      £6.00 per Rod per Day or £10.00 for 2 Rods per Day


  • Floater fishing on Mallard Lake is restricted

    You are permitted to use surface baits from 16th June to 31st December only. You may only catch one fish per session using this method

Site Fishing Log

Unlike most other fisheries we have a log book for the fishing which everyone is encouraged to fill in and make comments. This means you can see exactly how the fishery is performing on arrival and not be a recipent of the old phrase, "Oh! you should have been here last week it fished its head off, but this week it's gone very quiet".

Season Permits

We have an angling group of 20 members who are able to purchase annual permits to be able to fish all the lakes anytime, and also to night fish Mallard Lake.
The season permit cost is £200, we currently run a waiting list for any permits which become available.
You will undergo a rigorous vetting process prior to acceptance but we can assure you it will be worth it.

Contact Us

For more information call us on 01553 636507 or 07900 285313

Members of:-

Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM)
Camping & Caravanning Club (C&CC)
British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC)