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Fisheries Business

Welcome to Gayton Road Fisheries

Established as a Fishery Management and Coarse Fish Supply Company in 1990, we added angling holidays to the portfolio in 2006.
Over the years we have given fisheries management advice and supplied quality fish to many of the best fisheries in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.
Our Gayton Road Fisheries site now has three well established fisheries Mallard Lake, Heron Pool, and Kingfisher Pond which total approximately 3.5 acres of water on this 10 acre site.
Heron Pool and Kingfisher Pond were originally breeding and growing-on ponds when we were actively farming fish for the sport market.
It can all be found in the heart of rural West Norfolk, 5 miles East of King's Lynn.
Details of each lake can be found under the relavant heading.

Customer requirements have changed over the years, which has lead us to use the waters for fisheries and just cropping the surplus stock annually for moving to other fisheries.
Rest assured, we still hold and sell the strain of Carp we supplied originally back in the 90's. We are still in touch with some of the syndicate fisheries where we stocked fingerlings to double figures and those fish have now reached forty and fifty pounds.
In fact one of our local syndicates has it's largest Mirror Carp named 'The Gayton Fish', which now goes over 50lb.
Our fish are Carp-shaped Carp which grow steadily between 1.5lb and 2lb per year but have a long life expectancy. The original stock of Nar Valley Fisheries Carp are now thirty plus years old and still growing, all of them now are over thirty pounds with a number of fish into the forties, soon to be over fifty.

Details of each lake can be found under the relavant heading.

In 1992 we took on a joint venture with the landowner to establish a top class coarse fishery in West Norfolk and this has resulted in the superb Nar Valley Fisheries.
We stocked and managed each lake in turn to create different waters on one site; the result has been a fanatastic series of lakes. The fish are top quality and after more than 25 years growing well.
We are proud and priveledged to continue to run Nar Valley Fisheries with the site owners.

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